Leaving an Imprint: What It Means to be a Mount Hope Farm Bride

Mount Hope Farm is among very few wedding venues whose main goal is preservation, not profit. This Wedding Venue is an actual working farm, and money earned from events goes right back into the land, the people, and of course, all of the animals.

Mount Hope Farm Barn

When you choose Mount Hope for your Wedding Day you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are literally feeding the animals (have you seen the goats?!), growing the gardens, planting new trees, and preserving the local history of the community.

The town of Bristol chose to invest in Mount Hope Farm for the future of its residents. There are walking trails, farm celebrations, and beautiful vistas for all to enjoy. A bride that has her wedding at the Farm becomes a part of it and leaves a lasting legacy and imprint on the rolling landscapes. As the Farm’s exclusive caterer, we are very invested as well. A portion of the food price goes directly back to the farm. We have also already invested in bettering the infrastructure of the Farm to improve overall event experiences.

Wedding days come and go, but by choosing Mount Hope Farm as your venue, you can know your day will not just rest in memories and pictures. Your mark will be left in the trees, the land, and the stunning acres of true working community farm.

mount hope farm playhouse

mount hope farm, bristol rhode island

Cove Cabin Mount Hope Farm

mount hope farm bristol ri

mount hope farm bride and groom

Photos: Rebecca Arthurs