So much more than a catering company!


The entire Russell Morin team, and Renee and Stephanie in particular, is exceptional. They are professional and warm and a pleasure to work with, and inspired so much confidence that everything would go smoothly. There are a few things that I think set them apart:

1) Hot, delicious food for 210 people, made out of the basement of a barn! We did a wedding at home, and when we showed them the unfinished barn basement where they would set up the kitchen (which didn't even have running water at the time) they said it would be no problem. The food was absolutely perfect, beautifully plated, and it all came out hot!! for 210 people!! that's magic.

2) There is love in their food! The hardest part for me in planning such a big wedding was giving up control of the food. Had we had a small wedding, I would have loved to cook myself. They clearly take pride in their talents and in creating an experience that enhances the spirit of a wedding. Not only was the food mind-blowingly good -- my husband and I and all of our guests felt truly cared for.

3) Lovely, lovely, lovely people -- starting with Renee and extending to every server and staff person we encountered. They felt like friends by the end of the night! I was also so touched and grateful for Stephanie's attentiveness all night -- the second I even considered needing something, she was there with it!

4) Allergy awareness -- My husband has celiac and we had a number of special dietary needs and allergies, some of them severe. I can't say enough how much care and attention they brought to these needs/constraints, and how knowledgeable and happy to accommodate they were.

I loved everything about Russell Morin and am so grateful for how much they contributed to our day. So much more than a catering company! I'm just so glad we found them.