Amazing Experience Working with a True Expert


I was introduced to Kathleen at Russell Morin a little over a year before our wedding. Our venue was unique in that we had to hire all outside vendors to service the evening and Kathleen was really the quarterback and ensured/advised us on virtually everything for our special day.

Russell Morin goes far beyond the food (although, I'm still getting comments on how amazing the food was at our wedding)... the service they provide is really top-of-line.

During the wedding day, we were personally assigned someone to bring us drinks, etc. I was delighted that I could actually enjoy the food at our wedding (as many said we wouldn't be able to).

Kathleen was there for us to recommend other vendors and was flexible with pricing, etc. If it weren't for Kathleen and Russell Morin we wouldn't have had such a perfect day.

Thank you, Kathleen and Morins!we